Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Your Phoenix Plumbing Bathroom Lacks Florida's Toilet Frogs

As if we Phoenicians need another reason to prefer Arizona over Florida check this out, toilet frogs invading. Our Phoenix plumbing bathrooms lack Florida's toilet frogs it seems. Florida has long had stories of reptiles crawling into toilets; now amphibians are taking their turn on the throne. Almost 100% of the time the frogs come through the roof, via plumbing vent pipe, climbing in to look for food or shelter then not being able to get out.

Floridians are told that if they've had only one frog get into their home through the plumbing vent pipe, it's best to do nothing and hope it doesn't occur again, because covering the pipe can lead to larger problems. However, if frog visitations become frequent, they can cover the top of the vent pipe with something like chicken wire, just to keep amphibians from falling in.

Everybody knows that Arizona is better than Florida. Florida even has bigger cockroaches than our famous Phoenix plumbing bathroom Sunnyslope sewer roaches. Now Florida has frogs in toilets; as if the Zika virus wasn't enough. Our thoughts are with you, Miami. See you, wouldn't want to be you.

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