Thursday, September 15, 2016

DIY - Phoenix Shower Plumbing Common Complaint: Squealing Shower

Phoenix shower plumbing
Phoenix shower plumbing
Squealing pipes are a common Phoenix shower plumbing call from homeowners. The squeal is mostly caused by water suddenly trying to flow through a tighter space, going from a wide pipe to something constricted. In Arizona, with our hard water, squealing showers are mostly caused by mineral deposits or sediment can build up in the shower head. This blocks the exit ports and results in that loud whine.

If mineral deposits are the cause of the squeal, cleaning out the blockages in the shower head will solve the problem:

  • Turn the shower head counterclockwise to dislodge it from the shower arm.
  • Check the shower head for white material (mineral deposits) or tiny dark grains of sediment.
  • Soak the shower head in a container of vinegar for 1 hour to loosen mineral deposits.
  • Use a toothpick or nail to gently push any grains of sediment from the shower head.
  • Rinse the shower head beneath a powerful spray of water.
    Phoenix shower plumbing
    Phoenix shower plumbing

Attach the shower head back on the shower arm and turn on the water. If the squealing noise persists, then mineral deposits are likely not the cause. Squealing showers are noisy and inconvenient. Following these simple directions above can help you eliminate this common Phoenix shower plumbing issue. If you are still seeing issues with your shower, be sure to call AC by J's expert Plumbers.

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