Monday, September 26, 2016

Annual Phoenix Plumbing Maintenance Protects Your Pipes & More!

Phoenix plumbing maintenance
Phoenix plumbing maintenance
Everybody in Phoenix knows about the importance of proper HVAC system maintenance but did you know about the importance of routine plumbing maintenance? If you're like most of us you probably don’t think much about the network of water and sewer pipes inside your walls that deliver your hot and cold water and eliminate your waste, on demand. Did you know that this network of pipes and drains in your home represents approximately 15% of its total value?

Annual plumbing maintenance can keep your home’s pipes healthy and help you avoid serious problems and major expenses later. As with cars and even the human body, regular checkups and following recommended programs & guidelines for usage/health are essential parts to ensuring a long lifespan and constant service. A smoothly functioning, efficient plumbing system provides you clean, crisp water right from your faucet and warm water for bathing.
Phoenix plumbing maintenance
Phoenix plumbing maintenance

Although the pipes and drains of a plumbing system are created for strength and long life, they still need regular maintenance to keep them from breaking down too rapidly and needing expensive repairs and replacements. Licensed plumbers can provide great help in keeping your home's plumbing in the finest shape possible through annual maintenance visits.

Some of the Items Checked by your Professional Plumber are:

  • Bathroom fixtures - the plumbing maintenance will check for leaks, clog, cracks, corrosion and any mineral scaling.
  • Toilets – all of the home's toilets will be checked for cracks, loose fittings and any other problems. Adjustments will be made during the maintenance.
  • Water heater – Your plumber will check for sediment build-up, mineral scale and operational problems and make adjustments as needed.
  • Main water and sewer lines – Your licensed Plumber will thoroughly inspect these lines, checking for age, clogging or corrosion, tree roots, excess sludge, etc...

Proper plumbing maintenance can extend the life of your water heater, faucets and plumbing fixtures while identifying potential problems and preventing expensive repairs. With preventive measures you will have fewer toilet, sink and other plumbing clogs.

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